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Recognition, Memorization and Remembrance products by American Urn Inc. ®

Since 1992, families who have wanted a dignified, personal and everlasting memorial and remembrance product have ordered from American Urn Incorporated ®. As an industry leader, AUI has been instrumental in changing what is available to families. AUI has introduced designs and innovations of memorialization and personalized products that includes a full line of cremation urns, flag cases, and personalized products. The products are of the highest quality and handcrafted workmanship, which is AUI's signature. AUI stands behind the commitment to excellence.

PERSONALIZATION. Many urns can be accented with natural marble inserts that can be engraved with our own design. Using a sophisticated high-impact had engraving technique, we offer you the opportunity to add name, date, message, symbol, photo likeness, military insignia or religious symbol to your marble insert.

ORDERING. AUI accepts orders over the phone, by fax, and by e-mail. All text and artwork MUST be confirmed in writing. Payment can be made by VISA/MC or check. Telephone AUI during working hours 800-241-5134 or e-mail anytime to andrew@auinc.com.

PRICES AND SPECIFICATIONS. Prices and/or specifications subject to change without notice. TERMS: net 20 days on approved accounts. We offer a 3% discount at time of order when using MasterCard or VISA.

NEW ACCOUNTS: New accounts are encouraged to request and complete a credit application. Products will be shipped either on credit card accounts, sales rep. recommendation, or C.O.D., pending approval.

SHIPPING: All prices are F.O.B. Columbus Indiana unless otherwise noted. Shipping and handling charges will be billed to the customer. Our liability ceases after we have the carriers receipt in good order.

CLAIMS AND DAMAGE: All merchandise is inspected and approved for shipment before pickup by freight carrier. We cannot accept responsibility for goods damaged in transit. Should merchandise arrive in a damaged condition; refuse to accept it from the carrier until the delivery receipt is marked "RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION". If the damage is not discovered until the goods are unpacked, notify the carrier at once to send an inspector who will give you a "concealed damage" notification. Retain damaged item along with original shipping carton for carrier's inspection. Any claim must be made within 9 days from receipt of merchandise.

RETURNS: Prior authorization must be obtained before our acceptance of any returned merchandise. All claims must be made within 10 days from date of invoice. Claims after that date will not be accepted.

HOLIDAY PERIODS AND AFTER BUSINESS HOURS: Our 24-hour fax and voice mail line receives orders outside of regular working hours and during weekends and evening hours or orders or questions can be submitted vie e-mail at andrew@auinc.com.

CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOME: Quotes are available upon request. Phone, FAX, or e-mail us your requirements and/or sketch for a prompt quotation.

GUARANTEE: You must be satisfied with the quality of every product you receive or we will replace it. We use the finest materials available on the market. Due to the fact that each item is individually hand cut, assembled, sanded and finished, a slight variance in appearance from the catalog picture may occur.

American Urn Inc. is more that a manufacturer. We can assist you in a number of areas that will add value to both tangible and intangible offerings.

MERCHANDISING - This is an overview into the world of positioning products including caskets, urns and funeral services. Length; 2-4 hours

SELECTING, INTERVIEWING, AND HIRING IN THE FUNERAL INDUSTRY - This Course is designed to improve your ability to make effective personnel decisions. Length; 2-4 hours

CONSUMER RESEARCH ON CLIENT PERCEPTIONS - This overview offers detailed results from consumer research regarding what client family's perceptions of the funeral and cremation services processes. Length 2 hours

SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP - This course teaches you how to lead and manage people in different situations. Length: 16-hour workshop, 8 hour workshop, 4 hour overview.

HOW TO READ YOUT CLIENT'S MIND - This thought provoking study of non-verbal communications will improve your ability to deal with difficult situations including pre-need conference and at need arrangements. Length: 2 hours

MARKETING POSITIONING - This overview source suggests that marketing your funeral home products and services is more than just serving the client family. Length: 2-hour overview

TIME MANAGEMENT - Learn how to organize and execute around priorities. Many Funeral Directors have found that "efficient" scheduling and control of their own time are often counterproductive. Length: 8-hour workshop or 2-hour overview

BEHAVIORAL DYNAMICS - This course will introduce you to the principles of human behavior and their applications toward more effective communication between people. Length: 8 hours

DISPLAYS. We realize that a display of cremation products is essential to selling them. We have designed and build a number of styles that are specifically made for the presentation of products. As the manufacture, we can make one for you, please call.

MERCHANDISING. There are proven ways of increasing sales by using the merchandising management process. Let AUI help you with this process.
1.Have goals. Obtain expert help in developing goals for tangible and intangible products for your corporation.
2. Obtain expert help in designing your tangible assortment using a Model Assortment Plan.
3. Find vendors who can consistently supply you with the products you want to display.
4. Price your products using proven formulas.
5. Use price marking and product identification wisely.
6. Use professional situational arrangement conferences.
7. Stick to the process.

American Urn Inc. adhears to the...

Code of Cremation Practice

In the practice of cremation we believe:

In dignity and respect in the care of Human Remains, in compassion for the living who survive them, and in the memorization of the dead;

That a Crematory Authority should be responsible for creating and maintaining an atmosphere of respect at all times;

That the greatest care should be taken in the appointment of crematory staff members, any of whom must not, by conduct or demeanor, bring the crematory of cremation into disrepute;

That cremation should be considered as preparation for memorialization;

That cremation should be considered as preparation for memorialization through a commemorative means suitable to the survivors.

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